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Non-Invasive Piping & Repiping Services in Pittsburgh

Pipes are the veins and arteries of your home. They bring you the clean water you need for drinking and washing and safely carry wastewater away. But if your pipes aren’t functioning properly, what do you do?

An experienced plumber like Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc. can help you decide when it’s time to replace your pipes. As piping installation and repair experts, we can fix problems or point out when it will be safer or more cost-effective to simply redo your piping system.

Get a free written quote for your repiping project by calling (412) 365-4263. We provide services to Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the surrounding areas.

When to Repipe

No one wants to pay for a big, unnecessary project, but as a proactive homeowner, you want to make sure your plumbing is replaced before it becomes too much of a problem. So how do you decide when it’s time to repipe?

One reason to consider repiping is excessive age. Are your pipes old enough that safety or even proper function are compromised?

Signs that your old pipes may need to be replaced include:

  • Rusty water
  • Lead concerns
  • Corrosion due to acidic water
  • Low water pressure, which may mean your pipes are experiencing mineral buildup
  • The need for frequent repairs

If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to get a Pittsburgh plumber’s opinion. At Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc., we can assess your piping system and give you an unbiased recommendation. We care about our customers and we won’t recommend any work that’s unnecessary.

At What Temperature Do Pipes Freeze?

Generally, residential pipes begin to freeze when the outside temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Because Pittsburgh can get really cold in the winter, it’s important to protect your pipes located outside of your house.

Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes:

  • Disconnect your house from the outside faucet
  • Leave kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open
  • Keep water faucets running regularly
  • Keep your garage door closed at all times

If your pipes have frozen over and burst, contact our Pittsburgh plumbers. We provide fast, non-invasive pipe repairs and replacement services.

Need New Pipes Installed or Replaced?

Replacing old pipe is a daunting process, but what if you’re putting in a new bathroom and simply want to make sure the job is done right? Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc., can help you there, too. We install efficient systems that get you the water supply you need. We focus on doing the job right and as simply as possible to prevent problems down the road.

Contact Pittsburgh’s Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc., to pipe new projects or repipe older houses. Reach us at (412) 365-4263 today.

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