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Pittsburgh Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

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As trusted Pittsburgh plumbers for over 15 years, we’re experienced with all things related to home water and drainage needs. But did you know we can also do gas line repair and installation?

Natural gas is an important fuel source for many homes. It’s reliable, effective, relatively inexpensive, and burns more cleanly than many other fuels. But for safety, all indoor gas lines need careful installation and service. That’s why you need experienced plumbers that work on gas lines regularly to handle your lines.

For Pittsburgh gas line repair, installation, and more, contact Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc. at (412) 365-4263. We service Allegheny County and the surrounding areas.

Who Installs Indoor Gas Lines?

The main gas line in your home is your “supply line.” Smaller lines going off to feed individual appliances are called “branch lines.” If you’re adding a new gas-burning appliance, Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc. can install a new branch line leading from your supply. If you’re getting hooked up to natural gas for the first time, we can handle the indoor aspect of installation and make sure the lines are properly set up for each gas-burning appliance you will use.

We can install gas lines for all your appliances, including:

Gas Line Repair & Maintenance is Critical For Safety

Gas appliances in good repair are as safe as any other appliance. However, gas lines and the combustion needed to create heat in the appliances can result in some safety dangers.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is a byproduct of natural gas combustion. It can be fatal to people and pets, but a properly ventilated stove or furnace will vent carbon monoxide and keep it from building up indoors.

Another possible risk is a gas leak. Natural gas companies add a chemical that gives the gas a distinctive, Sulphur-like smell, which means it’s easy to detect, but still dangerous.

Proper installation and gas line repair can prevent both of these problems. To ensure your safety, make sure your lines are installed and attached by a professional plumber that works on gas lines regularly, such as Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc.

Talk to the Pittsburgh plumbers who can handle all your water and natural gas needs by calling (412) 365-4263.

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