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Pittsburgh Backflow Testing

Keep Your Water Supply Safe by Testing Backflow

When you turn on a faucet, you trust that you’re getting clean, safe water from your supply line. But under certain circumstances, contaminated water can get sucked into your system—sometimes even from your own yard or pipes. To prevent this from happening, you need to have your backflow mechanisms tested yearly.

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Backflow: An Overview

Backflow is caused by a pressure difference between a building or residence’s water system and the water supply. The difference could be caused by service to the water supply or increased pressure in a commercial system due to heat. Either way, unless a functioning backflow prevention device is in place, water can be forced back into the supply, contaminating nearby homes and businesses.

Backflow is a health risk because water brought back into the system may be exposed to chemicals or bacteria. For example:

  • Sprinkler heads sitting in puddles may suck in water contaminated by fertilizer or pesticides
  • Backflow from commercial boilers may contain chemicals such as rust inhibitors
  • A garden hose in a bucket of dirty water could bring bacteria into the system

Pittsburgh Backflow Prevention Requirements

In Pittsburgh, all commercial properties, including multi-family residential buildings, must have a backflow prevention mechanism. Single-family homes must also have one if they have an irrigation system.

Installing a backflow prevention device involves obtaining a permit and inspection. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority also requires that backflow mechanisms be tested yearly and that a report be sent to their board as proof.

Sound like a lot of work? With Matt Mertz Plumbing, Inc., it doesn’t have to be. Our plumbers are experienced in testing for backflow problems and are aware of all local requirements. We can help you do your part to ensure a safe water supply.

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